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GoPanda2 is a modern client to Pandanet that features a clean, intuitive user interface that allows you to play, talk, and connect with thousands of players on Pandanet easily.

Download GoPanda 2.7

Note: Better uninstall any older GoPanda2 version first.

Windows: GoPanda2.exe
Run the installer as admin.

Mac: GoPanda2.dmg
Open the archive and drag GoPanda to the applications folder, afterwards run it from there.
(Mac 32 bit users can use this old version of GoPanda2.)

Linux: GoPanda2.AppImage
Make the AppImage executable and run it – should work on most distributions. There’s also an install script which downloads the AppImage, adds GoPanda2 to your application menu and registers MIME types (it will ask if you want to open sgf files with it per default).

Download GoPanda2 Manual
GoPanda2 manual (PDF files)

You can help us by reporting bugs, crashes and unexpected behavior. Please describe what you were doing when the bug occured and what exactly happend, including the error message generated by the client.

Please contact us at:

We need translators for the new version! If you are interested in translating GoPanda2 to your language, you can now apply directly from within the client! Use the upper right menu!