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Round 1 of Team Championship - League B

The first round has been finally completed. Let’s see what happened!

Slovenia 0 – 4 Finland
Impressive victory by the Finnish team, all four games ending by resignation. We should expect them to be a major contender for the promotion.

Denmark 2 – 2 Serbia
The victories of the Danish lower tables allowed their team to held favourite Serbia to a draw. Most interesting game was probably board 2, where Nikola Mitic (Serbia) was able to snatch a narrow victory making good use of all the aji.

Austria 1 – 3 Slovakia
Slovakia did impressively well in their League B debut and defeated Austria, who ended in 3rd place last year. There will be little risk of relegation if they keep playing like this!

Switzerland 0 – 4 Israel
The Swiss players tried hard but Israel was too strong. Only the fourth game could have ended differently, but a ko helped Tal Michaeli to get ahead of his opponent, Jonas Jermann.

Belgium 3 – 1 United Kingdom
Very solid performance by the Belgian players, who scored an upset against the United Kingdom. Andrew Simons was the only obstacle between Belgium and the joint first place with Israel and Finland. Last year the UK had won 3-1.

Here you can find the pairings, games, and complete results.