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Finals of the 10th season of the Pandanet European Team Go Championship

The 10th season of the PGETC has been surrounded by an exceptional world happenings and the Finals, August 29 and 30, will be arranged online conveniently on the Pandanet IGS server following the established PGETC league game settings. The League A top four teams qualified for the final: Russia, France, Czechia and Ukraine.

Schedule and Pairings
Round 1: Saturday, 29th August, 11:00 CEST (GMT+2)
Czechia – Russia
Ukraine – France
Round 2: Saturday, 29th August, 16:00 CEST
Russia – Ukraine
France – Czechia
Round 3: Sunday, 30th August, 11:00 CEST
Russia – France
Czechia – Ukraine

The games on the Pandanet IGS are played in the EuroChamps room and the player ids used will be
russia1 to russia4, france1 to france 4, czechia1 to czechia4 and ukraine1 to ukraine4.

The results are published after each round in the Finals page.

The final order after the three rounds will be found by
a) Match points
b) Board points
c) Mutual game (if only two teams are equal after a) and b))
d) Place in the final table of the A League (see §12) after the matches on the internet

Join us at the Pandanet IGS server and follow the exciting finals. Additionally, check out the European Go Federation Facebook announcements.

Ali Jabarin 2 dan professional and friends will comment the games at Twitch channel – check the channel about half an hour after the games start!