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about the PGETC League A game between Reem Ben David and Carlo Metta

- At the time of the Israeli protest the performance of Carlo Metta in the
PGETC was so exceptional that it is easy to see why it led to a suspicion
of him using an outside help. The analysis performed by the league manager
also supported the claim that the accused player used Leela in his PGETC
games, so we believe that decision made by the league manager was done in
a good faith.

- The Italian appeal has demonstrated the weaknesses of the analysis and
rightly questioned its conclusions. With the available tools it is hard if
not impossible to convince someone of using an outside help in the
internet games. Thus, we do not think that it was proven without a
reasonable doubt that Carlo Metta broke any rules and the decision made by
the league manager should be reversed.

- The advent of strong go software and a possible use of other tools like
readily available joseki and fuseki dictionaries makes it difficult to
warrant a fairness in games played on internet. We advise the EGF to
enforce more strict rules for EGF sanctioned tournaments played on
internet, e.g. anything the player does during playing the game could be
recorded on a camera with the footage supplied upon the completion of the
game, stored and made available for a review.

Pandanet Go European Team Championship Appeals Commission